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DNA Testing – Ethnicity Estimates – 2020 Edition

When I was young my identity was clear, I was from “the top end of North Yorkshire”. My Mum grew up in a village 3 miles from where I lived and my Dad in a different village 2 miles away. … Continue reading

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Ancestry.com Ethnicity Update 2018 – A more precise Viking

Today (6th June 2018) I received an update to the Ethnicity Estimates created from my DNA at Ancestry.com. This is part of an updates to ethnicities that Ancestry.com are gradually rolling out. I thought it was worth reviewing the updates … Continue reading

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Ethnicity Estimates and Britishness – 2017 Edition

Lets face it, “Ethnicity Estimates”, i.e. analysing your DNA to break down your ancestry into different regional world populations, are fun. In certain circumstances it can be useful for a genealogist, for example researching an unknown recent ancestor. At a more … Continue reading

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My LivingDNA Test Results

As of September 2016 there is a new DNA testing company battling for consumers money, Living DNA. They offer a single, €159/£120/$159 , 3-in-1 test, covering autosomal, male-line yDNA (males-only duh) and maternal-line mitochondrial DNA. Even though I’ve already taken … Continue reading

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