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Seemingly random Tech notes.

Recovering files from your SD Card using Recuva – A Quick Tutorial

A few days ago our daughter came downstairs and asked where all the pictures on her mobile phone had gone, and if this was anything to do with the fact she’d just “formatted” her SD card. Silently I screamed to … Continue reading

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Typewriters & Mum

Last week I was tasked by one of my wife’s many Aunts with the task of changing the ribbon on her typewriter. Whilst I had the machine I thought I would have a little play on it and write a … Continue reading

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Freedome software from f-secure

I don’t normally write about software, mostly because I’ve nothing different to say about it. However, I’m going to make a small exception. I’ve recently been testing the Freedome privacy software from Finnish firm f-secure and must admit I like it. But time … Continue reading

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Microsoft (ICE) Image Composite Editor Quick Tutorial

If you’ve read my other posts you will know I like free stuff. One new bit of free stuff that I’ve been playing with recently is Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor (hereafter referred to ICE, to keep both you and I … Continue reading

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Building PCs in 2014

Last year it was time to upgrade the PCs here in learnalittle-land. The old PCs were build around 2008/09 and whilst none of them were failing I thought it was time for upgrades, specifically because: I wanted a faster PC … Continue reading

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Who is the SysAdmin for your Fridge ?

OK, I need to explain this question, but bear with me whilst I explain some background. Today we lost access to the internet at Schloss Learnalittle. Figuring out why this was happening, and how to fix it was, to be … Continue reading

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My Computer is on Fire !

One of my favourite memories of our son when he was very young was of him running down the street shouting “My bottom’s on fire”. I mention this anecdote as I had to think of it after my latest mishap. … Continue reading

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