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London Hill Gin review – Citrus a-peel

Normally I’m excited to be writing about gin, however today I’m dreading it. My gin review today is, as you will have gathered from the title, is for London Hill Gin. The reason for my dread: London Hill Gin is … Continue reading

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Best Value Gin in Germany 2017 – A Budget-Gin Deathmatch

I’m drinking cheap Gin, so you don’t have to. Now for something a little different. Gin is getting to be an immensely popular drink (and something we’ve being enjoying here at learnalittle-towers for the past few years). To put this … Continue reading

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Williams Chase Elegant Gin review – Herefordshire’s finest ?

In case you’ve missed it, there is a Gin revival going on at the moment. It’s a bit the Christian Revival movements of the past, but with a lot more emphasis on Gin. This revival pushed UK sales of Gin … Continue reading

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Citadelle Gin Review – Thinking inside the bottle

You can learn a lot about a gin if you look at the bottle, especially if you read the press-release that the marketing department put together. In the case of the Citadelle Gin bottle you are looking at a truly handsome … Continue reading

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Monkey 47 Gin Review – Let’s talk about the Monkey

The Monkey has been sitting here patiently waiting his turn, so it’s about time to talk about the Monkey. Monkey 47 is special gin, it was one of the first gins I ever bought, and its one of my favourites, one that … Continue reading

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Mombasa Club Gin Review

In the late nineteenth century, Mombasa Club Gin was produced, distilled and bottled in London and exported exclusively to the British protectorate of Zanzibar, now Kenya, for the consumption and enjoyment of official titles and English workers in the British … Continue reading

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World Gin Day – 13th June 2015

On Saturday it’s going to be the Seventh “World Gin Day“. In case you haven’t heard about this event, it’s a bit like Earth Day, except it’s a bit more Gin-focused. It’s also given websites as diverse as The Independent … Continue reading

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