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My LivingDNA Test Results

As of September 2016 there is a new DNA testing company battling for consumers money, Living DNA. They offer a single, €159/£120/$159 , 3-in-1 test, covering autosomal, male-line yDNA (males-only duh) and maternal-line mitochondrial DNA. Even though I’ve already taken … Continue reading

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From STRs to SNPs – An update on my yDNA Testing

Back in 2014 one of my earliest blogs was about my yDNA testing (If you remember your school biology, yDNA is the sex-chromosome that sons get passed, virtually intact, from their father, daughter’s get a second x chromosome). Things have … Continue reading

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Finding Home, the Ulster roots of John & Jane Stewart

John and Jane Stewart are my Great-Great-Grandparents, they are some of my closest and most enigmatic GG-grandparents. Close, in as much as my Grandma was a Stewart, and I carry the name Stewart as one of my middle names. Enigmatic, … Continue reading

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“Ethnicity” Estimates from DNA testing

Last week I received my DNA results from ancestry.com. This means I’ve now tested with the “Big 3” DNA testing companies, namely Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA and 23andMe. For fun I thought it would be worth comparing these results. I had been … Continue reading

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People of the British Isles (POBI) Project – A Short Genetic summary

The People of the British Isles Project is important and interesting, but in case you haven’t heard about it let me summarise. As the website states “The project has two purposes, the first to help medical research, and the second … Continue reading

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y – Only Me (my yDNA results)

Long before I got involved in Genealogy I started learning about my family history through a 2nd cousin who was researching my “Grass” family. this was in the pre-internet age, when genealogy involved long hours in visiting the county archives … Continue reading

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Genetic Genealogists discuss Ethical standards

A number of eminent Genetic Genealogists have recently published a paper on the seemingly ignored topic of ethics in Genetic Genealogy. The paper can be reviewed here. Yesterday I read the paper and dashed off my thoughts (before I forget them). … Continue reading

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