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Lidl Sturmflut London Dry Gin Review – A drop too much

Sturmflut is a London Dry Gin sold by the Lidl here in Germany. The English translation of the name, as you may have already guessed, is Stormflood. The name commemorates those events that have affected, in particular, the northern parts … Continue reading

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Aldi “Oliver Cromwell” London Dry Gin Review – Don’t believe the hype

A while back, Aldi made a bit of a splash with their own brand gins. Trawling through the internet I see that the gin has received a number Silver or Bronze Medals from the International Wine & Spirit Competition from … Continue reading

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Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin Review – something to sing about ?

I rarely start a gin review by having to reveal my ignorance on the finer points of Wagner’s epic Ring Cycle (or more correctly Der Ring des Nibelungen), but today I need to make an exception. You see today’s handcrafted … Continue reading

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Wint and Lila London Dry Gin Review – An imaginative history

If you like a good historical yarn, then today’s gin will be of interest. This is the Wint & Lila London Dry Gin, made by the “Famous East India Company Wint and Lila” to celebrate the marriage, on 25th April 1645, … Continue reading

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Harahorn Norwegian Small Batch Gin – something, something, Viking, something, something

I must admit I wasn’t planning to do another gin review so soon after the last one, however last weekend was World Gin Day and needed to be celebrated as such. The gin I picked out was one I bought … Continue reading

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Masons Yorkshire Gin Review – not The One Gin To Rule Them All

“I have come, but I do not choose now to do what I came to do. I will not do this deed” So spoke Frodo Baggins as he stood at the Crack of Doom contemplating casting the One Ring into … Continue reading

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Lidl Schwarzwald Gin Review

This is something of an oddball gin. It’s sold through the Lidl supermarket chain in Germany and branded quite plainly as Schwarzwald distilled Dry Gin. The gin is distilled by the privately-owned Edelbranntweinbrennerei Bimmerle KG deep in the heart of … Continue reading

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