Hayman’s London Dry Gin Review – Experience counts

Is it a good thing that I’ve almost reached the end of the bottle before I start writing my review of this gin? The reason that I pose this question is that I’m one measure away from the end of this particular bottle and I’m still a little unsure what to say. I guess it’s probably safer to start with some details on the gin.

Hayman’s is a London-based family-run distillery that has been producing gin since 1863. It’s based in Balham, South London and run, not surprisingly, by the Hayman family – now in their fifth generation. Their focus is on more tradition gin’s, which means they currently offer only six signature gins. There are three classic gin, namely London Dry Gin, the slightly-sweeter Old Tom Gin, the high-alcohol (57% ABV) Royal Dock Gin. On top of this they have a Sloe Gin, a cask-finished Gently Rested Gin and Hopped Gin with, hops. As a result their website shop is pleasingly simple to navigate.

On to the gin:

There are ten botanicals in the London Dry Gin, and rather kindly they are all listed. They are juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, lemon peel, orange peel, cinnamon, cassia bark, orris root, liquorice and nutmeg. Importantly these botanicals are macerated in a traditional two-day gin-making process. If you look at this list there are many “classic” gin botanicals. Given the long heritage of this gin, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. This gin has been in production long before the age of artisan gins, where every producer is looking for their special story.

Day or Night Gin ? This is a smooth 47% ABV gin, don’t be deceived by it charm and elegance and think it’s a daytime gin, this is for the evening.

What does it smell of ? There is a citrus-tone combined with a more subtle herb-y flavour.

What does it taste of ? Initially there is quite a sharp spiciness to the gin, which makes it rather pleasant when drinking neat. This gives way to the citrus and more juniper aspects of the gin. For a G&T it works incredibly well with a classic tonic water (such as Fevertree) combined with a slice of lemon.

Buy It ? I really hate to say this, but the best option seems to be online at Amazon, where you can pick it up for €19.99. In the Galeria Kaufhof it will set you back €25.99. I suspect that you can occasionally pick it up on offer for €20 at your preferred local “purchasing-partner”.

Overall ? 5 out of 5. There are two great things about this gin. It’s long heritage means that you have a balanced gin with a well-matched set of botanicals. This also gives you re-assurance that the distillers have really practiced their craft. On top of this, you can pick up this gin for a very reasonable price. It may not be as great as, say, the Tanquerey No. 10, but for €20 it’s a winner.

As for myself, I’m normally reluctant to repeat-purchase a gin, but I’m willing to make and exception.

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