Please Sir, My TV is Full

I guess I should have seen it coming. A few months ago I had to replace the 5-port hub that connects all my AV kit to the Internet with a larger 8-port hub. Now I’ve reached the point where I’m using all the HDMI sockets on my TV and I’m reduced to swapping plugs to view my latest addition, a Chromecast dongle.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The TV is a Sony KDL-32W5500, a reasonably specified model back in 2009, however it is now connected to the following:


  1. The Satellite Receiver (a Humax box)
  2. The DVD player (a Philips box, complete with a hacked firmware)
  3. A Western Digital TV set-top box, designed to play content stored on the home LAN.
  4. A Sony DBP-3100 Blu-Ray Player. This has yet to totally replace the DVD player since I’ve so far failed to regionally unlock it.
  5. an orphaned Chromecast dongle.


  1. a Nintendo Wii


  1. Internet access for the TV – not that I really use it


  1. Would be used to power the Chromecast dongle – if I ever find a use for the dongle.


  1. 1. Hardly ever used, but could theoretically be used with my old VHS cassettes. I know it seems rather old-fashioned in the era of YouTube, but there may be a point when I want to watch my pirated Guns’N’Roses live show cassette !

So what’s the moral of this story ? Probably the most important thing is it shows how badly we can predict the future. I’m sure when I bought the TV I didn’t expect it to fill up so fast, but at least buying a well-specified TV up front helps.

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